EcaMon Safia 

EcaMon SaFIA is a high-performance one parameter on-line system for unattended monitoring of metals and some nonmetals in the lowest, medium and high concentration range, addressing concentrations from the low μg/L (ppb) range up to several g/L concentration.

More about EcaMon Safia

The system make use of a simple but efficient SaFIA flow system coupled with a robust flow-through electrochemical cell. One to three independent measuring units can be installed in a single rack enabling the monitoring of up to 3 species in a single instrument.

EcaMon SaFIA is a compact instrument consisting of an Analytical Unit, Control unit and the reservoirs for the working solutions, all built in a robust 19´´ rack system. The whole instrument inclusive the solutions can be locked up. The compact Flow System is controlled by the Control Unit and operates full automatically. The solutions (sample, carrier electrolyte, reagent) switched by selector solenoid PTFE valves are forced through the Flow System by means of a peristaltic pump. On passing the measuring cell the solutions leave for the drain.

The analysed sample is taken from an overflow filled continuously with fresh sample solution. The flow-through system with peristaltic pumping provides continuous sampling of the analysed sample and supplementary solutions (supporting electrolyte, calibration solution), their accurate dosage and transport during the whole analysis. Memory effects are minimised by flushing the system with the carrier electrolyte after each measurement.