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EcaMon 10s

EcaMon 10s is an unattended monitoring system for a continuous measurement of trace and high concentrations of heavy metals and some non-metals in waters, waste waters and technological liquids. There is a possibility to measure several species simultaneously.

The system is controlled by a built-in industrial PC and facilitates virtually all kinds of In/Out signal flow including remote control through internet.

EcaMon 10s enables the monitoring of tap water, see water, river waters, mineral waters, some waste waters and cleaned waste waters for metals such as As, Hg, Pb, Cu, Bi, Tl, Cd, Zn, Se, Mn, Fe, Ni, Cr down to the µg/L concentration levels as well as for some non-metals (Cl- , Br-, I-, S2-, PO43-, NH3, hydrazine, EDTA, bromate, chlorite, ascorbic acid, etc.).

The flow-through pneumatic system with peristaltic pump provides continuous sampling of the analysed sample and supplementary solutions (supporting electrolyte, calibration solution), their accurate dosage and transport during the whole analysis. The closed electrochemical cell with compact electrode system is automatically flushed by the supporting electrolyte during all analyses. The sample is taken from a compact siphon (loop) continuously filled with the sample ensuring fast response.

The basic version comprises:

  • Instrument rack IP54 (IP55 option)    
  • Industrial PC with colour monitor, Windows 2000
  • Analytical unit
  • Sample inlet module 1
  • Analog output, 4 - 20 mA
  • Digital IN/OUT signal interface (dry contacts)
  • Elaborated application
  • Software in English
  • Users manual in English

Datasheet (pdf)

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