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EcaFlow Model 150 GLP is a PC controlled automatic laboratory analyser for the determination of trace and high concentrations of metals, semi-metals and numerous non-metals in various samples.

By making use of the autosampler AS-150 up to 42 samples can be analysed in full automatic mode. The system supports the standardless, calibration curve and standard additions techniques. Over 70 validated applications are available for numerous sample types such as waters, foods, industrial liquids, wastes, etc.EcaFlow is a compact laboratory instrument controlled by a PC. The control unit contains the power support unit, control processor with a channel analyser, fast A/D and D/A converters and a high performance generic potentiostat/ galvanostat.

The compact flow system is controlled by the control unit and operates full automatically. It contains computer controlled electromagnetic valves for switching either to the sample solution or to an electrolyte solution or to a standard solution for the standard addition. Solutions are driven by a peristaltic pump. The heart of the system is the patented compact electrochemical cell.

The cell uses disposable flow-through working electrodes made of suitable inert material. The counter and reference electrodes are separated from the flowing solutions hydrodynamically, so the reaction products at the counter electrode cannot interfere at the working electrode. The working electrode can be easily changed simply by loosening a screw. The cell is fixed to the panel of the instrument by a special connector which serves as an electrical contact to the electrodes. The connections of the tubes are made of Luer-type fitting, which facilitates fast manipulation when the electrode or cell is changed.

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